• Proudly Australian

    Infinity Blue Barramundi is a brand of MainStream Aquaculture, whose head office is based in Wyndham, Victoria.

    MainStream Aquaculture have always been Australian owned since their inception in 2001.

    We are proud supporters of our local communities and employ close to 50 passionate, fish-loving folk.

    Its these fantastic staff who enable Infinity Blue Barramundi to be produced at […]

  • Easy to cook and hard to get wrong

    If you are not yet a master chef in the kitchen, and tend to burn your salads, do not fear cooking barramundi!

    While fish can sometimes be tricky to get right, the barramundi is very forgiving, no matter what cooking method you are using.

    Its skin naturally holds in moisture, reducing the chance of overcooking and drying […]

  • Superb tasting; a firm white succulent flesh with mild flavour

    Barramundi is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most sought after fish for its versatility in cooking methods, but also due to it’s outstanding flavour profile that keeps people coming back for more.

    Barramundi has a firm, white, succulent flesh with a mild flavour. These thick fillets, or whole fish can be cooked with the skin […]

  • Versatility; suits many cooking styles and recipes

    Infinity Blue Barramundi is a highly versatile fish.

    It can be steamed, baked, barbequed, casseroled, shallow fried, deep fried, oven fried, marinated, poached, steamed, soused, and even smoked!

    Due to its pure, clean and mild flavour, it is able to take on flavours, without being overpowering and is therefore suited to a large variety of cooking methods […]

  • A beautiful fish

    Barramundi is truly a beautiful fish. With its deep body, bright silver scales, wide tail, and large dorsal spines, it is an unmissable Australian icon
    Most Australians have grown up hearing the legendary stories of a mate who caught a meter long barra’ on a fishing trip up north, or can fondly remember sharing a whole […]

  • Australia’s most iconic fish

    Australians have been eating Barramundi for centuries, dating back to the Dreamtime. In fact, the word ‘Barramundi’ is derived from the aboriginal word for ‘river fish with large scales’.

    In the Dreaming two lovers who are not allowed to be together according to tribal law, run away together. They are pursued by the tribe and finally, […]

  • An Omega-3 mega source and high in protein

    Its well publicised that omega-3 is essential for brain health, but less well known is that Barramundi has one of the highest omega-3 levels for white fish and has similar levels as found in Salmon.

    Humans do not synthesise omega-3, so we have to obtain it from our diet. Omega-3 can be bought as concentrated fish […]

  • Truly sustainable

    Aquaculture is leading the way in the efficient production of protein. By breeding fish with better food conversion ratio’s, faster growth rates, and higher survival in managed systems, the impact on the environment compared to wild-catch is significantly decreased.  Small land footprints and low water use are other vital sustainability attributes.

    In the case of Infinity […]