Smoked Recipes

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Barramundi is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most sought after fish for its versatility in cooking methods, but also due to it’s outstanding flavour profile that keeps people coming back for more.

An ingredient that pairs well with so many flavour profiles. It is guaranteed to add something new to your dinner table or event.

Barramundi has a firm, white, succulent flesh with a mild flavour. When smoked, the naturally high oil content of our fish enables the wood smoke flavour to deeply infuse the barramundi allowing for an indulgent flavour hit, while still being a healthy option!

Deliciously smoky yet not overpowering to taste, perfect for cold platters and cheeseboards, salads and pastas, you’ll be asking yourself “where has smoked barramundi been all my life?”

Browse our recipes to find a new way to incorporate our smoked barramundi into your cooking!