Succulent &

For Australia's premium Barramundi,
ask for Infinity Blue

Grown in pristine water conditions our barramundi is
a delicious fish with firm, white succulent flesh; the
result of passionately combining all-natural ingredients,
gentle fish handling practices and a deep understanding of barramundi.

Delicious, nutritious,
and fresh

 8 great reasons for Infinity Blue Barramundi


Truly sustainable, it’s the future of seafood


An omega-3 mega source and high in protein


Versatility; suits many cooking styles and recipes


A beautiful fish


Australia’s most iconic fish


Superb tasting; a firm white succulent flesh with mild flavour


Easy to cook and hard to get wrong


Proudly Australian

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    Omega-3 Mega Source!

    Its well publicised that omega-3 is essential for brain health, but less well known is that Barramundi provides one of the highest concentrations for white fish and actually has similar levels as salmon.

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    Proudly Australian

    Infinity Blue Barramundi is a brand of Mainstream Aquaculture, whose head office is based in Wyndham, Victoria.

    Mainstream Aquaculture have always been Australian owned since their inception in 2001.

    We are proud supporters of our local communities and employ close to 50 […]