Our barramundi are nurtured in the purest of water

Map of Etty Bay

Etty Bay


Our North Queensland farm is located between two World Heritage listed environments – the Great Barrier Reef, and the Wooroonooran Rainforest. The pure saltwaters of the reef infuse these magnificent fish wish award winning flavour.

Nestled between two world heritage sites in tropical North Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

Wooroonoran Rainforest

Wooroonooran Rainforest

Etty Bay – The Fish

Barramundi dish

Etty Bay produces our premium fillet sized saltwater Barramundi. This fish has firm, moist texture and large, meaty flakes once cooked.

The pristine saltwater source produces an amazingly clean and crisp flavour. The best ingredients provide versatility across a wide range of cuisines, dishes and cooking styles.

Etty Bay Barramundi has a succulent, buttery finish and excellent natural fat content. From beautiful classic crispy skin portions, to sautéed and steamed dishes to hot and cold smoked offerings, fresh ceviche – it’s time to get creative!

“Again, Infinity Blue understands the natural environment where the barramundi grows – and then Etty Bay is the best example from that exercise, that dedication.”

chef Alejandro Saravia, Farmer’s Daughters restaurant

Etty Bay – Environment

Etty Bay coast line

Etty Bay is adjacent to our Tropical North Queensland farm. Rated within the top 10 of Australia’s most beautiful secret beaches, Etty Bay is an idyllic hideaway and a favourite among the locals.

In this slice of paradise, our Barramundi are grown where the pristine waters from the ancient Wooroonooran National Park trickle down to meet the crystal-clear saltwater from the Great Barrier Reef.

The high salinity waters infuse the magnificent fish with award-winning flavour, creating the finest dining experience.

Chef Alejandro

A fish with firm, moist texture and large, meaty flakes.

Etty Bay Barramundi

Nothing but the best barramundi

Free of antibiotics, hormones, colourants and whitening agents, our Barramundi are nurtured in the purest of water with premium feed and truly sustainable farming practices – Infinity Blue is simply a restaurant favourite.

Barramundi farm

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