The Fish

Infinity Blue Barramundi

Grown in pristine water conditions our Barramundi is a delicious fish with firm, white succulent flesh; the result of passionately combining all-natural ingredients, gentle fish handling practices and a deep understanding of Barramundi.

Infinity Blue’s diverse farms allow specialization in size classes perfect for the environment of each, with plate-sized Barramundi raised in Victorian spring water, and fillet sized fish raised in Queensland saltwater and Arizona, USA spring water.

Where it all Begins

Wyndham, VIC

At our state of the art urban farm just outside of Melbourne, we raise our plate sized Barramundi with geothermally heated spring water drawn from an ancient aquifer free of any industrial or biological pollutants.

Our local sourcing, revolutionary farming technology and short supply chain results in class leading sustainability credentials and an exciting future for all.

And the result; the freshest available sashimi-grade fish with a deliciously clean taste.

Clear water source

“Your Barramundi is great, it has such a clean taste and it’s so fresh. It’s perfect for sashimi!”

Haruhisa Sonobe, Sous Chef, Nobu Melbourne Restaurant

Clean, green & Pristine

Etty Bay, QLD

Our North Queensland farm is located between two World Heritage listed environments – the Great Barrier Reef, and the Daintree Rainforest.

In caring for this ecological wonderland, our property preserves 32ha of unique wetland in its’ natural state, showcasing our commitment to conservation and sustainability.

The pure waters of the reef infuse these magnificent fish with award winning flavour, creating the finest dining experience.

Awarded product
Man holding barramundi

“It is the best Barra I have tasted in my life.”

Jonathan Ford, Head Chef, The Park

Desert Springs

Desert Springs farm

Born in Australia, Raised in U.S.A

Desert Springs, Arizona USA

Desert Springs Barramundi begin life in their native Australia, yet feel right at home in the Arizona desert with the ideal water temperature to grow and thrive.

Our Barramundi are raised in pristine water pulled from an ancient spring water aquifer, resulting in simply delicious fish with firm, white succulent flesh.

Desert Springs Barramundi is the freshest to market, with a smaller carbon footprint and fewer food miles when compared to imported Barramundi. We are so excited to be providing the U.S.A market with premium, sustainable, locally sourced white fish.

Why is Infinity Blue Better?

Delivery truck

Rapid Distribution

Our rapid distribution channels mean that we can have Sashimi grade fish from farm to plate within hours

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Gentle Harvesting

Our gentle harvesting process treats the fish with care and ensures no bruising or stress

Product speed


Harvesting every week of the year provides customers with reliable freshness and quality



By gently harvesting and dispatching within hours, we ensure ultimate freshness.

Water drop

Consistent Quality

Grown in highly oxygenated salt water, we raise highly consistent fish with firm white succulent flesh and mild flavour.

Water testing

Striving for excellence

Our dedication to water quality and all natural ingredients result in the finest flavour and delicious clean taste

Good for you

Infinity Blue Barramundi is rich in valuable nutrients such as protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, whilst still being low in fat.

Feed jar

Second to none

We only use the highest quality feeds to ensure a premium taste.

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Our local sourcing and short supply chain results in low environmental impact from storage and transport energy and time.

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Best practices

We’re proud to have achieved the highest available level of Australian sustainability certification with Best Aquaculture Practice accreditation.


All Natural

Grown with no antibiotics or hormones.

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