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73-79 Lock Ave, Wyndham,
Vic, Australia, 3030


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Tel: +613 9734 1912


Infinity Blue Desert Springs

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  • Desert Springs
  • Etty Bay
  • Wyndham

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Trade Enquiries

Our aim is to feed the world the freshest barramundi

If you are a discerning foodie, restaurateur, or fishmonger who would like to stock the freshest & most delicious Barramundi in Australia, simply leave us a message.

You can also visit MainStream Aquaculture for more information about our brand and products.

Barramundi fillet and salad
Melbourne facility

Future of seafood tour

See in person how we produce the best-tasting fish, our 1,500 year old pristine water source, our gentle fish handling processes, world-leading sustainability practices. You’ll also get insights into our revolutionary aquaculture technology, breeding program, massive broodstock and world famous Golden Barramundi.