Our barramundi are nurtured in the purest of water

Succulent & Sustainable

For Australia’s premium barramundi, ask for Infinity Blue

Grown in pristine water conditions, our Barramundi is a delicious fish with firm, white succulent flesh; the result of passionately combining all-natural ingredients, gentle fish handling practices and a deep understanding of Barramundi.

Gourmet barramundi dish

Delicious, nutritious and fresh


The Product


In supporting a passion for fine food and creativity in the kitchen, Infinity Blue is dedicated to supplying the freshest, highest-quality Barramundi. This is made possible thanks to our eastern seaboard farms and short supply chain.

Our farm locations have been hand-picked, with each province imparting unique eating qualities onto the fish.

Free of antibiotics, hormones, colourants and whitening agents, our Barramundi are nurtured in the purest of water with premium feed and truly sustainable farming practices – Infinity Blue is simply a restaurant favourite.

The Farms

Etty Bay is a beautiful bay near our Tropical North Queensland farm, recently featuring in Australia’s top 10 most beautiful secret beaches.

A favourite with locals to swim and relax, it is a peaceful and idyllic North Queensland hideaway.

The pure waters of the reef infuse these magnificent fish with award winning flavour, creating the finest dining experience.

Etty Bay coast line

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Our Tropical North Queensland farm is located where two World Heritage Sites meet – the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

The forest tumbles right down to the coast with just a thin strip of sand separating it from the clear blue water.

Wyndham Barramundi

Our Victorian farm is located in Wyndham, an historic agricultural area just outside of Melbourne.

Here, the finest quality baby Barramundi are grown in pristine geothermally heated spring water, drawn from the same ancient aquifer that links Hepburn Springs and the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Wyndham Barramundi farm

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Desert Springs Barramundi
Desert Springs Barramundi

Desert Springs Barramundi begin life in their native Australia, yet feel right at home in the Arizona desert with the ideal water temperature to grow and thrive.

Our Barramundi are raised in pristine water pulled from an ancient spring water aquifer, resulting in simply delicious fish with firm, white succulent flesh.

Desert Springs Barramundi is the freshest to market, with a smaller carbon footprint and fewer food miles when compared to imported Barramundi. We are so excited to be providing the U.S.A market with premium, sustainable, locally sourced white fish.

Barramundi croquettes

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