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MainStream Aquaculture and Infinity Blue

MainStream Aquaculture – the producers of Infinity Blue Barramundi – was founded in 2001 by two mates who had a desire to help feed the world with delicious, sustainably produced fish. One a doctor, the other a plumber.

They have built a fantastic team around them who continually push the boundaries of traditional farming, growing fish in geothermally heated, pristine spring water drawn from an ancient aquifer.

Located just outside of Melbourne and boasting the world’s largest warm water aquaculture farm of its type, they now are also the largest fingerling supplier in both Australia and the world, exporting beautiful baby Barramundi to 27 countries.

“Your Barramundi is great, it has such a clean taste and it’s so fresh. It’s perfect for sashimi!”

Haruhisa Sonobe, Sous Chef, Nobu Melbourne Restaurant

Merging with MainStream Aquaculture in 2018, Pejo Enterprises (now trading as MainStream Aquaculture Queensland) was founded in 2002 by Marty and Linda Phillips. Raising superb Barramundi at their farm nestled between rainforest and reef in one of Australia’s most beautiful and pristine environments, Marty and Linda combine the best that nature provides and a deep understanding of Barramundi to strike the perfect balance between science and nature. The property preserves 32ha of unique wetland in its’ natural state with amazing biodiversity, showcasing a commitment to conservation and sustainability.

In 2022, Mainstream entered the U.S.A market through domestic production of Barramundi in the Arizona desert. With the purchase of the Arizona site, Mainstream is raising fine eating Barramundi in close proximity to major U.S.A markets – resulting in a short supply chain and low food miles. Infinity Blue Desert Springs Barramundi has a succulent, buttery finish and excellent natural fat content.

School of fish

Infinity Blue is a brand you can trust

Since 2001, MainStream Aquaculture Group have been growing Barramundi using sustainable farming technology that ensures you get the freshest, tastiest and highest quality product on your plate, every time.

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We produce the world’s best and most sustainable farmed fish. Since 2001, we have perfected farming technology that ensures we have the happiest and healthiest fish, which translates into the best quality product, on your plate. Our fish live in a carefully controlled environment, giving you peace of mind our product has not been exposed to pollutants or contaminants and is disease free

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We are number one when it comes to quality barramundi, its true. That’s why you should always choose Infinity Blue.

Product speed

Mainstream Aquaculture Group combine the latest in science and technology together with natural ecological systems to ensure reliable production every week of the year.


We are uncompromising on taste, texture and health, which means we need to be uncompromising about giving our fish the best possible environment, free from additives and hormones. Even when it comes to the inevitable for our fish, they are cooled down rapidly and dispatched humanely, removing stress and enhancing product quality.

Brand Values

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Through Consistent Supply And High Standards

Infinity Blue is about providing customers with the best fish, from Australian waters, while consistently improving our practices above the industry standard.

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By Looking After Our Environment

Infinity Blue aims to keep our waterways clean and clear, while providing for the ever growing global population, in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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And Caring For Our Communities

To do this, we focus on using the latest technology to increase productivity, and utilising innovative ideas to minimise waste products for the betterment of our communities.

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We Produce The Finest Fish, From The Purest Waters

The key to producing great a fish is to provide them with the best environment. Our geothermally heated 1500 year old pristine water source provides perfect conditions for our Barramundi to reach their full potential.

Aquaculture is the fastest growing primary production sector in the world. It has generated growth of almost 8% per annum over the past 50 years

Approximately twice the rate of global gross domestic product (GDP) growth during this period. From output of about 1 million tonne a year in the 1950’s, aquaculture now produces over 110 million tonne of product per annum. Globally, fish today provides more than 3.1 billion people with at least 20% of their intake of animal protein, and over 4.3 billion people with 15% of such protein. The average global citizen consumes over 20 kilograms of fish per year.

Aquaculture has provided for the rapidly increasing consumer demand for fish and served to protect wild fisheries. Over the past 20 years, largely over exploited and fully exploited wild fisheries haven’t produced an increased volume of fish products.

Aquaculture has accommodated all of the global demand growth over this period by adding approximately 90 million tonnes of annual production capacity. In 2014, aquaculture surpassed wild fisheries as the dominant source of seafood products.

With existing forecasts for population growth and per capita consumption of fish products, the aquaculture industry will need to triple in size or add another 200 million tonnes of annual output by 2050. This industry profile provides an enormous opportunity for businesses like MainStream Aquaculture, the owner of the Infinity Blue brand, who are pioneers in the efficient and environmentally sustainable production of fish.


MainStream uses the highest quality commercial feeds available and supports endeavours to reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture feeds through on-going efforts to minimise levels of fish meal and replace this with alternate protein sources.

Fish Husbandry & Health

Aquaculture is only successful when the fish are maintained in optimal condition. MainStream maintains a focus on water quality, fish biology and physiology, and production practices that reduce stress on fish. In doing so, the business is able to produce premium fish without reliance on antibiotics or other additives that can persist in fish flesh.

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Clear water

Water Quality

A fish is only as good as the water it lives in. At the core of MainStream’s business is one of the most extraordinary and pristine water sources anywhere in the world.

Located several hundred metres below ground in the surrounds of Melbourne, Australia, this geothermal water source supplies MainStream with pristine water that is naturally heated to Barramundi’s preferred temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. This water is estimated to have rained in the outskirts of Melbourne over 1,500 years ago. The chemical nature of this geothermal water is ideally matched to Barramundi.

Within the culture environment, water quality management is essential to fish health and quality. MainStream is committed to sound environmental practice and has worked intensively to better understand the hydrodynamic profile of our sites along with the organic outputs from its farming operations. MainStream is actively involved in research and development around water recovery and re-use.

Our Community

Whilst we have to limit entry to our bio-secure plant, we do conduct frequent educational tours, provide work experience and are actively involved in teaching at various academic institutions. MainStream Aquaculture also actively supports numerous charities and local sporting clubs.

Our People

MainStream’s most important asset is its people and we strive to support them and their communities. We employ local people in our hatcheries, production facilities and corporate offices. We aspire to be an employer of choice in the communities in which we operate.

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Food Safety and Quality

MainStream has implemented a systematic control system through its business and is focused on integrating key aspects of quality control and environmental management with health and food safety standards. It is the responsibility of every employee at Mainstream to follow these critical work processes. This ensures our products consistently meet food safety standards and exceed customer expectations.