Infinity Blue Barramundi proudly supporting the Future Food System

“Aiming to solve the world’s biggest problems by
simply changing the way we live.“

Date: 9 | 6 | 21
Written by: Ben B

Infinity Blue Barramundi are super excited to provide live sustainable Barramundi for the revolutionary Future Food System greenhouse, a magnificent closed-loop home and urban farm located right in the center of Melbourne’s CBD at Federation Square.

Conceived and designed by renowned sustainable food pioneer, Joost Bakker, the Future Food System is aiming to solve the world’s biggest problems by simply changing the way we live. Bakker’s brainchild will be a shining example of how humans can live with minimal impact on the environment, grow their own food and eat well.

Joost believes that, “If embraced could radically reduce the land required for agriculture, enabling restoration and rewilding of the world’s damaged soils. This concept has the potential to tackle food security, malnourishment and environmental degradation … all whilst turning our urban areas into the most biodiverse on earth.”

Assuming the roles of cooks and custodians of this 87 square meter home of the future through until June 2021, are award-winning chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett. The chefs will be the ambassadors of this self-sufficient, low impact lifestyle, demonstrating and educating the guests and influencers on this unique way of life through a series of sold out private dinners. Barrett states that both Matt and herself are pleased to be involved in a project that they believe will shape the future of urban cuisine and provide a preview of what cities of the future will look like.

“I think it’s empowering for people to see, they too can be growing food in their homes in a sustainable and convenient way, and where before they thought was impossible.”

“It’s opening up a whole world of possibilities of what can be done in a product building. Nothing taste and feels better than growing your own food.”

This self-sustaining, zero-waste house will be powered by renewable energy such as solar panels and a biogas digester which breaks down organic matter into fuel. The rooftop is the home’s food bowl, housing a vertical garden to grow fruit and vegetables as well as an aquaponics system where Infinity Blue Barramundi will be raised as one of the selected protein source.

Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) is a perfect fit within a revolutionary food system such as the one found in Federation Square. The species will thrive in the house’s aquaponics system, due to their natural schooling behavior, adaptability to a wide range of rearing conditions and general hardiness. Throughout their stint at the Greenhouse, Barrett and Stone will be showcasing the versatility of Barramundi, using the flesh, bones and offal in their world-class dishes and preparations.

Nothing tastes and feels better than growing your own food

Jo Barrett, Award winning chef

Barrett states that, “Barramundi is an incredibly versatile fish. I’ve been blown away with the result when we have used it with a vast array of cooking techniques. Sometimes fish species get pigeonholed to one specific cooking application but with barramundi it has held up to what seems like everything.”

“We have been smoking, drying, frying, barbecuing, poaching and it’s always been delicious. I love how we have been able to utilise every part of the fish from its bones and skin to the swim bladder and our guest have loved it.”

The Future Food Systems Greenhouse will running until June 2021 at River Terrace in Federation Square. To learn more about this wonderful project, their podcasts and events can be viewed here.