The Fresh & New Faces of Food Service Professionals: Elevating Culinary Excellence

August 9, 2023

There was plenty of culinary talent and world-class Queensland seafood on display at ICE – The Institute of Culinary Excellence – RTO 40748 in Coorparoo.

Unveiling the Mentorship: A Fusion of Learning and Inspiration

The mentorship of stage 2 students at ICE by renowned Queensland chefs marked a pivotal moment in their culinary journey. This unique experience provided a platform for budding culinary artists to delve into the intricacies of seafood preparation and presentation. With guidance from these seasoned mentors, students not only honed their technical skills but also imbibed the artistry and passion that are essential for culinary excellence. Over 100 hospitality professionals participated at The Fish Girl’s seafood producer showcase and sharing event.

A massive thankyou to Matt Golinski – Official, Carolyne Helmy from The Star, Zac Sykes from Libertine, Dayan Hartill-Law from HOTA and Tom Jack from Honto for investing your time and knowledge in the future chefs of our industry.

Infinity Blue are happy to be involved in such events as there’s nothing more rewarding seeing fresh & new food service professionals. More power and creativity to all!