A beautiful fish

Barramundi is truly a beautiful fish. With its deep body, bright silver scales, wide tail, and large dorsal spines, it is an unmissable Australian icon
Most Australians have grown up hearing the legendary stories of a mate who caught a meter long barra’ on a fishing trip up north, or can fondly remember sharing a whole Barramundi at a family barbeque. The barramundi story is deeply ingrained in Australian culture.

And when presenting the fish, whether it is at a world-class restaurant, or your own home, people are awed by the presence of the fish that has been the focus of so many great tales.

From the first bite, Infinity Blue Barramundi taste superb. Their mild, clean flavour impresses all who try it and its sure to be the star of the meal!


  • Jarvis Cavanagh

    Thanks for helping me catch a fish at Seymour farming expo I really appreciate it and I can’t wait to try it u guys made my day and it is something I will not forget thank you for this experience u guys are amazing thank you

    • admin

      Hi Jarvis,
      Thanks for your message! it was our pleasure and we hope you enjoyed your Barramundi!