Versatility; suits many cooking styles and recipes

September 12, 2022

Chefs working in kitchen

Infinity Blue Barramundi is a highly versatile fish.

It can be steamed, baked, barbequed, casseroled, shallow fried, deep fried, oven fried, marinated, poached, steamed, soused, and even smoked!

Due to its pure, clean and mild flavour, it is able to take on flavours, without being overpowering and is therefore suited to a large variety of cooking methods and is even fantastic prepared as Japanese-style sashimi.

In fact, many Barramundi dishes are inspired from flavours sourced across the world such as this baked Barramundi with ginger and soy, this pancetta wrapped Barramundi recipe, or Alejandro Saravia’s Peruvian Barramundi Stew.

All Infinity Blue Barramundi is grown and prepared to sashimi-grade standards. This has enabled us to consistently receive positive reviews from across the industry.