Budj bim the site of the world’s earliest aquaculture system

July 24, 2019

Budj Bim

Victoria, Australia is known for its foodie culture, beautiful scenery and wild coastlines, but what it is less known for is its deep and long history in aquaculture. In fact, ‘Budj Bim’ – located in South West Victoria and 40km south of Hamilton – is the oldest known aquaculture site in the world.

The site dates back 6,600 years ago and contains evidence of a large eel and fish farming system consisting of fish traps, weirs and ponds to farm and then smoke eels for food and trading. The previous earliest known use of this type of system dates back 6000 years ago in the Neolithic age, to several locations in Europe.

For the traditional owners of the land the Gunditjmara people, aquaculture was a vitally important component of their culture and food security. Here at Infinity Blue Barramundi we are proud to follow in their footsteps and be a part of a new modern Aquaculture, with a mission to feed the world with nutritious, delicious and sustainably produced fish.

Pictures courtesy of The Age.