Introducing infinity blue desert springs barramundi

July 13, 2022

Desert Springs Barramundi

MainStream Aquaculture, producer of Infinity Blue Barramundi, is delighted to announce the purchase of a 1,100 acre fish farm in Arizona, USA. This transformational acquisition will see the Infinity Blue brand enter the North American market with domestic production in the USA market.

MainStream’s rapidly growing aquaculture business in Australia provides a template for a successful USA business that can be scaled to meet domestic market demand. The Arizona farm, Desert Springs, is the first Infinity Blue farm outside Australia and a major step forward in its core long-term objective to globalise its sustainable seafood business model.

Fingerlings born in Australia will be transported to the new farm and grown to fillet size to service the domestic market. As is the case for Infinity Blue’s Australian farms, Desert Springs Barramundi are grown in pristine waters. The water is sourced from an ancient geothermal aquifer which raises premium spring water fish with a firm, meaty texture and a mild, buttery flavour.

Infinity Blue Barramundi Desert Springs logo

MainStream’s business now includes:

  • Three world class hatcheries, which supply the global Barramundi industry with improved fingerlings from its class leading selective breeding program. The business exports into 27 countries across 5 continents.
  • Two state of the art urban farms based in Melbourne, Australia, which deploy unique and proprietary closed containment aquaculture technology, raising Barramundi in pristine spring water. Infinity Blue Wyndham Barramundi are highly regarded for their delicate clean taste, sparkling silver colour and light flesh.
  • Three Queensland based saltwater pond farming sites. The two Etty Bay farms are nestled between the world heritage Wooroonooran Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef, along with a Port Douglas farm located in close proximity to the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree. Infinity Blue Etty Bay Barramundi are renowned for their award winning fine textured flesh and a succulent, buttery finish with excellent natural fat content.
  • The new farming site in Arizona. A desert oasis with pristine natural water sources which will become a central hub for Barramundi production in the USA.

Boris Musa, MainStream Aquaculture Group MD and CEO, commented on the acquisition: “Barramundi is a delicious, nutritious, and sustainable fish ideal for aquaculture. We are immensely proud to expand our
operations in the USA after several years market testing the product and operating a pilot scale Barramundi farm in Arizona.”

“By applying the capabilities we have developed over 20 years in Australia, we are confident the venture will establish Barramundi as a premium, sustainable, ethically produced and widely appealing white fish in the USA.”

Visit the Infinity Blue Desert Springs Barramundi website here.