Infinity blue celebrating the provenance of our farm locations – etty bay & wyndham

February 10, 2022

Infinity Blue Barramundi has begun 2022 with a subtle, yet significant change in branding. In celebrating the provenance of each farm location, we can more effectively communication the taste attributes, sustainability and product freshness to market.

To kick start the new year, Infinity Blue Barramundi has made some small, yet significant changes to the branding of our fish. The changes are a subtle brand evolution rather than a rebrand, and allow us to tell a deeper provenance-based story to  customers, whilst still reinforcing the Infinity Blue ethos and quality stamp:

Infinity Blue Barramundi comes from the best farms across Australia. Combining the purest waters, best feed, fish care, science and speed to market, this fish is of the highest quality. In this regard, nothing has changed, nor will change.

Etty Bay is adjacent to the Tropical North Queensland farm. Rated top 10 in Australia’s most beautiful secret beaches, it is a peaceful and idyllic hideaway and a favourite with locals to swim and relax. Here in this most beautiful of environments, Infinity Blue Barramundi are grown where the pristine waters from the ancient Wooroonooran National Park trickle down to meet the crystal-clear salt from the Great Barrier Reef.

The high salinity waters infuse these magnificent fish with award winning flavour, creating the finest dining experience. Etty Bay produces premium fillet sized saltwater Barramundi. This fish has a firm, moist texture and large, meaty flakes once cooked. The pristine water source produces an amazingly clean and crisp flavour.

The Wyndham farm is located in a historic agricultural food bowl that has supplied Victoria with fresh food for generations. Wyndham Barramundi are grown in geothermally heated spring waters which are drawn from the ancient aquifer that links Hepburn Springs and the Peninsula Hot Springs. This ancient water source is free of all industrial or biological pollutants, achieving an amazingly mild and gentle flavour.

This environment allows the Barramundi to develop a layer of natural fat, and are consistently plate-sized, sweet-flavoured and tender. Wyndham baby Barramundi is the freshest to market, sashimi-grade fish which allows for ultimate flexibility in dish choice. The soft, delicate texture and mild, sweet eating qualities are simply exceptional.

Watch the video below to learn more about these recent changes!