MainStream’s Golden Barramundi featured at David Jones 2022 Flower Show

December 2, 2022

MainStream Aquaculture’s beautiful Golden Barramundi have been featured as part of David Jones’ 2022 Spring Flower Show. Crafted by environmental activist and floral artist, Joost Bakker, the show includes all forms of nature, with hundreds of different species on display, all coming from suppliers, growers, and producers around Melbourne.

This included oyster mushrooms in candy hues, mycelium blocks, snails, a tank of MainStream’s rare Golden Barramundi, crickets and other insects, all housed under canopies of tulips, golden elm branches, yellow forsythia, apple and pear blossom. “I want to get people excited about the beauty that surrounds us,” Bakker said, “to understand and feel like they’re immersed in an ecosystem where every single element is connected.”

The existence of Golden Barramundi in the wild is extremely rare, with the chance of one being born one-in-ten million. MainStream’s dedicated Golden Barramundi breeding program, first commenced in 2008, nurtures a population of these exquisite fish, which are a popular addition to the most discerning aquarists. For more information about our Golden Barramundi breeding program please click here