Women in aquaculture

November 25, 2018

Woman holding barramundi fingerlings

Alpa is a legend of MainStream Aquaculture and vital to our hatchery.

A fantastic site that features key female representatives in the global Aquaculture industry and their contributions can be found here at www.thefishsite.com

On the local front, Women in Seafood Australasia (WISA) recognise, support, encourage and enhance women in the seafood sector.

Involving more women in the seafood industry will mean that there are more people with the right skills to develop the industry at a faster pace. This is not just good for businesses, it’s good for Australia as a whole.

On the 20th of October, WISA celebrated women in the seafood industry and 20 years of the Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community. This event showcased the passion, dedication and hard-work that women from across Australasia bring to the seafood industry and helped to bring together women from across the industry.

Angela Williams, Paspaley Pearling Company, attended the event and said “Attending the WINSC 20th anniversary workshop and dinner was an inspiring experience for me. Women from the seafood industry shared their stories about not only filling supportive roles but actively contributing to the production of seafood. They were also willing to stand up and be a voice and to raise awareness of issues of concern for their industry, when others would not.”

“One thing I have personally taken away from the event as a woman in the seafood industry, is part of a quote by Hildegard Bingen that was shared at the event: You must not only walk there, you must be prepared to leap. Dare to declare who you are.”

Are you a woman working in the seafood sector? Tell us how you have been making a difference in your workplace!