Twisted fisherman food truck

March 24, 2019

Twisted Fisherman food truck

Infinity Blue have teamed up with Twisted Fisherman Food Truck to create delicious ready to eat meals for events across Victoria. This means that you can taste our fresh, locally grown Barramundi without even having to prepare it!

Twisted Fisherman Food Truck has a strict, local seafood only policy and a dedication to working with top quality, market fresh produce which takes old school fish and chip nostalgia to new heights.

A few weeks ago, the truck was at the Australian Grand Prix, serving deliciously creative Infinity Blue Barramundi Burgers. They had many repeat customers and the feedback was outstanding, with several customers reporting that it was the best burger they had ever enjoyed!

The team have been serving Infinity Blue Barramundi at many Victorian events including Moomba Festival, Bright’N’Sandy Festival, and River Graze at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

They have a packed line-up of events coming up in the next few months which can be found on their online calendar, so keep an eye out for the blue Twisted Fisherman Food Truck and prepare to delight your tastebuds with some expertly prepared Infinity Blue Barramundi!