What does the bap certification logo mean?

May 15, 2019

Man holding BAP Certificate

Pictured: Thomas Moyle from Mainstream Aquaculture at the Brussels Seafood Expo, where he met with the BAP Certification team.

Sustainability is important for all businesses, both large and small. We at Mainstream Aquaculture are doing our bit by adhering to the world recognised BAP standards.

To become certified in BAP, or Best Aquaculture Practice, MainStream Aquaculture conducts regular detailed reporting of all farm inputs and outputs, which is then verified by the BAP review board to ensure the sustainability of our business.

Some factors which are regulated include; Responsible feed sourcing, waste management, energy usage, water quality, & environmental impact. If any of these parameters are not adhered to, the certification is removed, and seafood cannot be sold using the BAP logo. Therefore seafood that is sourced from a BAP certified facility, displaying the BAP logo, can be trusted to be sustainably produced to the highest industry standards.

MainStream Aquaculture are proud to say that we are BAP certified and because of this by eating Infinity Blue Barramundi you are not only doing good for your personal health, you are also doing good for our planet!